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of allergy and infectious diseases. former new mexico give nor bill richardson, illinois congresswoman january, and t-boz will be joining us. "starting point" begins right now. >>> welcome, everybody. our starting point is kind of gross. the flu. a nasty strain running rampant across the country. thousands hospitalized and dozens of people have died. in just a few hours, the cdc will release new numbers on how widespread the flu is. cnn's medical unit got an early look and one expert says we're at epidemic levels. dr. sanjay gupta is in atlanta. what are you expecting to hear? >> elizabeth cohen has been working through the night on getting these numbers. one number, which is important and what we expected. widespread outbreak of the flu. 47 states, up from 41 states with an outbreak of the flu. some good news. the number of states with high levels of activity has gone down from 29 now to 24. two additional deaths in young people, from 18 to 20. but there may be some relief as you say in sight. we are at epidemic threshold. that basically means we are seeing more cases than we expected
is the company's chairman visiting a rogue state with the former governor? bill richardson, joining us this hour. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the room. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room". >> a new year, a new congress and new cabinet to put together, and a very tough agenda for lawmakers and the president in the weeks ahead. let's begin our coverage right now with our national correspondent, jim acosta, he's up on capitol hill. >> reporter: some things will not change. john boehner is still the speaker of the house. but there are lots of new faces on capitol hill and some of them are ready for a fight. the newly sworn in 113th congress is so diverse it is redefining the term, ladies of the house. there are more women than ever before. roughly a 100, add that to the approximately 43 african-americans, 31 latinos, 12 asians, and seven gay and bisexual politicians, and many have taken notice. >> it means we reflect america more. the district i come from is very diverse. and it is good to see congress starting to look like the rest of america. >> repo
is arriving for a controversial visit. here is eric schmidt and bill richardson stepping off a plane. he has not said much about the reason for joining the trip but he is an advocate for all. something north korea does not support. he calls it a private humanitarian mission which includes a meeting with humanitarian leaders. >>> in san jose this friday airways are to start flying the boeing 747 dreamliner from tokyo. it is designed to make flights more comfortable and they will have a line of flights leaving each week from san jose. >>> a photographer came face to face with a polar bear and lived to tell about it. he sat in a pod as a pod tried to force her way inside. it was a special series on the bbc and buchanan said he spent a year with the most deadly creatures but this was the most scary experience ever. >>> and a new share lets you share pets. it is a non-profit organization where dog owners can trade walking feeding and dog sitting duties and it is a chance for people who don't have animals to share somebody else's. more than 480 people have signed up for the service in san francisc
forces that are difficult to grow. one is the government of north korea. bill richardson and eric schmidt are there for what? against the direction, advice, counsel, beseeching of the state department. >> with the state department cannot look like it is sending these guys there because then it will look like a negotiation, but the secretary of bob gates had it right. we bought that horse so many times. i'm not sure. >> but right now there is a hostage. him being held, and bill richardson has shown that he is getting people who disagree with him -- lou: my question is what is the chairman of global doing over there. talk about social media. >> revolution. lou: maybe that's it. >> frequent flyer miles. the long vacation. this is not the place that you go to test sip strawberry fridays at the hilton. lou: and now this occurs to eric's meant. thank you, bob. much more on the president's controversial security nominations. the upcoming nomination battles and the next on this broadcast. the overissue your back in court. the obama administration focusing on gun rights rather than mental illness
back from a controversial visit to north korea, bill richardson will tell me what he saw and learned in the world's most isolated country. >>> and how one school is now fighting back against the flu. you can prevent gas with beano meltaways, or treat gas with these after you get it. now that's like sunblock before or sun burn cream later. oh, somebody out there's saying, now i get it! take beano before and there'll be no gas. take beano before's eating less. to losing weight. i'm hungry just thinking about it. thank goodness for new slimful. one delicious, 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water, like before dinner, helps keep me satisfied for hours. so instead of this much, i only need this much. and slimful tastso good... i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing. out from the centers for disease control and prevention. the number of states reporting high levels of flu activity has fallen by five and the reporting widespread activity increased from 41 to 47. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta is joining
. not necessarily this westerner, though, on the left. that's former new mexico governor bill richardson along with google executive chairman eric schmidt, they have just returned from north korea and governor richardson is kind enough to join me live now from washington. governor, thanks for taking the time. i've been looking forward to have a chance to debrief you on your visit but i was worried there wouldn't be enough to debrief about. it doesn't feel like there was a whole lot that you got to do while you were there. have i mischaracterized it? >> well, we did three important things -- one, we sent a very strong message from americans that don't talk to north koreans on a variety of subjects that, one, cool it on the missile developments, moratorium on nuclear testing. number two, we pushed very hard for the american kenneth baye who is there in prison to be treated fairly and get consular access. and, third, probably the most important message, was the internet from eric schmidt, the head of google. we weren't traveling as a google team. to open up access to the internet, to move forward
.e.o. schmidt and bill richardson showing students surfing the web and using goon. schmidt is a long time advocate of internet freedom but the access is rare and limited to nose only with gun permission. >> and leigh glaser is here with mike nicco. >> we have been in the fog today. i will show you the east bay right now from our high definition camera, looking on the valley there. the good news is a lost this is lifting. when it does the temperatures will warm up. we will look at the numbers coming up. >> plus wedding crashers of a different sort. we will show you -- yikes -- why >> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> we have more on our top story involving the coast guard investigation into the oil tanker that crashed into the bay bridge at this time yesterday. >> abc7 fuzz reporter is like on treasure island. you go straight to the source for the latest information. >> the coast guard sent out people to speak to us and tell us new information about what went on here yesterday. this is lieutenant lambert. can you tell us where the coast guard investigation is rise now?
by americans in 2009 and 2010 and homeowners in danger of losing their homes. bill richardson and eric schmidt touched down in korea hours ago. last week the obama administration discourage this trip which the pair call a private humanitarian mission. >>> so, how much dough will hostess make on its bread brands? the "wall street journal" is reporting flower's food and another one are in talks to buy wonderer bread and nature's pride for an estimated $350 million. a lot of dough. >>> starting this month washington is the first state to charge electric vehicle owners $100 a year to pay for wear and tear on state roads a fee that's collected on gas tax. >>> from careercast enlisted military personnel have the most stressful jobs in the country. >>> so where do you want to spend your stress free days in retirement? for the fifth year in a row, ecuador was the top foreign retirement destination for folks from u.s. and canada due to its affordability, weather and welcoming cu welcoming culture. >>> this year tokyo restaurant owner she would out $1.7 million for one bluefin tuna. i wonder if he ate i
traveled to north korea with former new mexico governor bill richardson and seven others. he spoke with students at a university computer lab. schmidt has emphasized that he is traveling as a private citizen and not representing google, but some analysts say the visit was motivated by business. north korea wants to promote its i.t. industry and google is believed to be considering doing business there. the group met with north korean officials. richardson suggested that they discuss the release of a u.s. citizen detained in the country since last year. >> it's a good productive but frank meeting. >> they'll discuss their visit to north korea after they arrive. >>> japanese prime minister abe and his government have confirmed the outline to revitalize the nation's sluggish economy. cabinet ministers took part in the first meeting of a new task force on tuesday. >> translator: japan has been tackling deflation for ten years. it's an effort over the course of human history. we must attack the problem with three main policies. implementing bold monetary easing, flexible fiscal measures
. eric schmidt is traveling with bill richardson. he's been to the north several times. >> this is a private humanitarian visit. we're here as individual american citizens looking at the humanitarian situation. we're going to ask about the american detainee who is here. we're interested in economic and political situation. >> the group is expected to meet north korean political, economic and military leaders. the trip comes weeks after the country launched a long range rocket. the u.s. government considers the launch a test of ballistic missile technology. u.s. officials says the timing of the visit is not helpful. the group plans to convey concerns about the missiles and nuclear programs. >>> tokyo has bid to host the 2017 olympics. the city says that with the legacy of the summer games it hosted in 1964, it's eager to hold a new type of future oriented olympics. bid committee managing director turned in a file at ioc headquarters in switzerland. the document sets out detailed plans in 14 categories, including vision for the games, venues, financing and safety. tokyo p
mexico, bill richardson, is hoping to gain the release of a u.s. citizen. he spoke about a meeting with officials from the ministry. according to media reports, the north korean government has long been in talks with internet giant google. in 2011, a delegation from the communist country reportedly visited the company's u.s. headquarters. >> change of pace now, and the british pop legend david bowie has released a new single on his 66th birthday. the song called "where are we now" is a somber reflection on berlin, aging, and what we make of our lives. he recorded some of his most influential music here in the german capital. he released the new single without any announcement, and he released it on itunes where it became a no. 1 hit within hours. >> ♪ had to get the train from potsdam you never knew that ♪ >> david bowie sings about berlin in the 1970's and his days living in a divided city. the singer recorded some of his seminal albums during his time in berlin. his three years spent in the city where a -- were a period of experimentation. then the this is all about him looki
in beijing on thursday after a four-day visit to pyongyang with bill richardson. he said their visit was private. but he pointed out that the internet access in the north is limited to government, military and university officials. >> the government has to do something. they have to make it possible for people to use the internet, which the government of north korea has not yet done. it's their choice now and time in my view it's time for them to start or they will remain behind. >> schmidt warned that in an increasingly connected world, north korea's decision to isolate itself would make it hard to compete economically. >>> japanese prime minister shinzo abe is planng to get better acquainted with other leaders in his region. he's traveling to vietnam, thailand and indonesia next week. it will be his first trip abroad since taking office last month. chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga says the four-day tour to the members of the association of southeast asian nations will start next wednesday. >> translator: the strategic environment has been changing drastically in the asia paci
accessed the internet but today the government showed plenty the google c.e.o. schmidt and bill richardson showing students surfing the web and using goon. schmidt is a long time advocate of internet freedom but the access is rare and limited to nose only with gun permission. >> and leigh glaser is here with mike nicco. >> we have been in the fog today. i will show you the east bay right now from our high definition camera, looking on the valley there. the good news is a lost this is lifting. when it does the temperatures will warm up. we will look at the numbers coming up. >> plus wedding crashers of a different sort. we will show you -- yikes -- why before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot, not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for cop
.s. politician bill richardson is calling on north korea to end missile launches and open the internet. the group, which includes google chairman eric smith toward a state library in penang. the visit has been criticized by the state department, it comes weeks after north korea launched a rocket into space. >> we have been meeting with a variety of foreign affairs officials, internet officials, scientists, political leaders, and of the delegation has have three messages -- first, a moratorium on missile launches and no nuclear tests. secondly, the american detainee, treat him properly, give him proper justice. third, expand the internet, expand sell phones. that is good for the north korean people. >> a thai television channel's decision to cancel a popular soap opera caused an uproar. the show revolves around black magic and corrupt politicians. some people suspect the government is behind the move to pull the final episodes. >> with one episode remaining, it was pulled from air, leaving viewers hanging. according to an on-screen message on channel 3, the finality had content that was inappropri
schmidt is part of a delegation led by former new mexico state governor bill richardson. richardson -- >> it is a private, humanitarian mission. we are going to make an assessment of the north korean economic and political situation. we are also going to look at the humanitarian status of the korean people. but also, there is an american that is detained there -- a korean-american. we are going to inquire on his status, see if we can see him. possibly lay the groundwork for him coming home. , florence looi -- >> florence looi has been following this story. >> they are going to visit universities. beyond that, he was not too sure what the schedule would be because that is being set by north korean officials. he expects to lay the groundwork for securing the .elease of kenneth dabae he certainly has experience when it comes to dealing with north korean officials. he has visited the country more than six times in the last 20 years and has participated in talks ranging from food aid to securing the release of the remains of american soldiers who died are in the korean war. he is being a
punishments of rapists. >>> the state department is advising bill richardson not to travel to korea to talk about a nationalized citizen. >>> immigrations and customs enforcement officials announce they had arrested 240 people in an international investigation of child pornography. 123 child victims ranging in age from 17 to less than a year old were identified. 110 of them located in the united states and other countries. >>> the parents of james foley are speaking out. foley's parents in new hampshire appealed to his captures for information about him and they called for his release. >>> and scientists say a rock found in sahara desert is actually part of a meteorite. it earned the nickname black beauty. >>> scientists say our milky way galaxy contained at least 115 planets. they're close to subpoenas smaller and cooler than our own. so there may actually be as many as 200 billion planets. >>> and a little time travel in times square as the famous new year's ball was relit and sent up the pole where it will stay for the next descent to welcome in 2014. >>> on to wall street, the dow lost
governor bill richardson on his controversial trip in north korea. i'm terrell brown on this friday morning. this is the "cbs morning news." when you have diabetes... your doctor will say get smart about your weight. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes. that's why there's glucerna hunger smart shakes. they have carb steady, with carbs that digest slowly to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and they have six grams of sugars. with fifteen grams of protein to help manage hunger... look who's getting smart about her weight. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. a smart way to help manage hunger and diabetes. [ male announcer ] glucerna hunger smart. it seems our angels have been stronger angel soft®. it's built with two softshield™ layers. stronger, holds up better, and still a value you love. new angel soft®. now stronger than ever. try our new southwestern mac and cheese with grilled chicken, served with soup or salad. chili's lunch combos. starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. >>> good morning and welcome to 9news now we're
clinton is back and bill richardson is back in north korea. but, first, secretary of state hillary clinton is back at the state department for the first time in a month. clinton was scheduled to meet with her top deputies at 9:15 this morning and deputy was hospitalized for treatment of a blood clot in her head following a concussion. she is expected to remain on the job until john kerry's expected confirmation to succeed her. >>> despite criticism from the state department, former new mexico governor, bill richardson and google ceo eric schmidt arrived in north korea this morning. a former u.n. ambassador said he's on a private humanitarian mission not representing the united states government. he plans to ask about kenneth bay who has been detained by north korea. >>> in the middle east, a rare public speech by syria's embattled president al assad made it clear that he has no plans to step down as the country's leader. he offered a peace plan but rolled out any talks with the armed opposition and said they will not negotiate until regional countries stop fighting. assad must step down. t
, bill richardson, are inside north korea right now. our foreign affairs correspondent, jill dougherty, is monitoring the trip for us. jill, when i traveled to pyongyang myself two years ago, with bill richardson, we were, obviously, watched very closely by the north korean government. what do we know about this trip so far? >> you know, wolf, i think you could call it a mystery tour. because, actually, there's very little known to one of the most cutoff countries in the world. one of the first stops in north korea for google executive eric schmidt, a rare sight in one of the most isolated countries on earth, the computer lab at kim il-sung university. so why is the head of the world's largest search engine visiting a country where average citizens are forbidden to have access to the internet. schmidt is in pyongyang with former new mexico governor bill richardson. the official north korean news agency calls it a visit by a delegation of the google corporation. before leaving the u.s., richardson told cnn's wolf blitzer that schmidt is going as a private citizen, not a google represent
trip with former new mexico governor bill richardson. >> we're here as individual american citizens. >> bill: so. >> shepard: so what's the internet titan doing in the world's least connected nation? and the suspect in last summer's colorado movie theater killing spree back in court. tonight, our first look at the prosecution's case against james holmes. and that's first from fox this monday night. it was a painfully difficult day in the courtroom where aurora, colorado police officers testified the victims were crying out for help. blood all over the place. the movie still playing overhead. cell phones ringing. chaos all around the families of the massacre victims hearing emotional testimony from those who rushed to save their loved ones lives. taking some to hospitals in their patrol cars with as they put it blood sloshing on the floor board. investigators say james holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58 more when he opened fire at the midnight premier of the dark night rises. today was the beginning of a preliminary hearing to determine whether that case should go to trial. until
's interesting is they land in north korea. there you see him with governor bill richardson who organized the trip. says he invited eric schmidt. google says this is a personal and private trip, has nothing to do with them. bill richardson has been to north korea half a dozen times in the past 20 years. he invited schmidt. it has nothing to do with a diplomatic mission from the united states. there were reporters in north korea on the ground, they must have been condoned by the dictatorship there which is secretive and nuclear ambitious, here's how they responded to the reporters who were there. >> no interviews. no interviews. >> this is a private humanitarian visit. we're here as individual american citizens looking at the humanitarian situation. we're going to ask about the american detainee who's here. we're interested in the economic and political situation. we are concerned about the missile launches and we're concerned about the importance of dialogue. >> the state department did not want them to take this trip. here's the statement from last week. they were not going to be accompa
will go on a humanitarian mission to the communist nation and go with foam new mexico governor bill richardson who knows a thing or two about dealing with north korea. most of that country lives in miserable poverty under the iron fisted rule of its latest leader, kim jong-un, with the most restrictive internet rules in the world. the new leader says his country is ready to embark on a new industrial-like revolution. that comes as north korea defied the united nations with the latest rocket launch and officials report it is holding an american citizen behind bars. now, the state department officials are calling google's planned trip unhelpful as the united states tries to deal with an increasingly tricky situation. so far, no comment from the folks at google. mike barrett, former intelligence officer for the defense department. good to see you. son son -- kim jong-un wants science and technology to drive new economic growth for north korea but given the near ban on internet technology and access what can they offer? >>guest: the trip has almost nothing to do with google from the pre
of north korea. everyone wondering, why did former governor bill richardson and google chairman eric schmidt travel into the country? is the 20-something-year-old dictator just curious about google and social media? we remember traveling there in 2006 and i asked a 20-year-old university student if she uses google. >> excuse me, i don't know about it. >> you don't know about google? >> i will study about it. >> the government blocked all of google and everyone is now wondering if that's about to change. >>> still ahead on "world news," the secret place where billions of dollars of unwanted christmas gifts end up. and how you can turn your unwanted gifts into real money for you and your family. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of. why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury
of the controversial visit to north korea. he was part of a delegation led by former new mexico governor bill richardson that left the country today without meeting with leader kim jong-un. on the way to china, he spoke on his role as advocate for intent freedom. >> when the intent starts, citizens in a country can certainly build on top of it. the government has to do something to make it possible for people to use the internet which the government has not yet done. it is their choice now. it isti
is speaking of his controversial trip to north korea with a delegation led by bill richardson meeting without leader kim jong-un. he spoke on the role as an advocate for internet freedom. >> when the intent starts, citizens in a country can certainly build on top of it. but the government has to do something. they have to make it possible for people to use the internet which the government has not yet done. it is time now for them to start or they will remain behind. >> the trip to north korea was made despite objections from the state department. >> back in california, governor brown is set to reveal his budget for the new al qaeda this -- now the new fiscal year and will ask for $2 billion in cuts to balance the john -- general fund of $90 billion a far cry from what he had to cut two year s ago when he cut $16 billion. >> a 70-year-old man has been arrested for killing his mother. he turned himself in. when officers arrived they found his 89-year-old mother dead. he has been booked for murder. he has a criminal history. in 1966 he leaded guilty to kidnapping and raping and murder two teen
and bridge support. >> we have new video showing google executive schmidt and former new mexico governor bill richardson on the trip to north korea. this is them earlier today in pyongyang. richardson outlined the real reason behind the visit saying the delegation is asking not korea to put a moratorium on rocket launches and expand the internet in the country. >> closer to home, baseball ham of fame voting will be announced this morning, barry borns is eligible but not expected to get in. the steroid cloud hangs over the former giant and many others who were eligible for the first time this year including clemens and sosa. the giant slugger put a hall of fame number before he was expected of juicing but he needs 75 percent of the vote and he will probably guess less than 50 percent. >> pittsburg police say a man actioned in sell defense when he killed an intruder who broke in his apartment. it happened at the apartments on east leland road yesterday morning. police say he was likely an attempted burglar. the tenant had a struggle and he managed to grab a knife and got him in the neck killing
wearing a red scarf with former new mexico governor bill richardson on the right on a guided tour of university computer laboratory in pyongyang. schmidt is an advocate for internet freedom around the world emphasizes the visit is no in official capacity for google and the state department has objected to this trip. >> governor brown is going to hold a news conference in sacramento to discuss improvements to mental health care in state prisons and to discuss steps taking to help overcrowding. officials asked judges to change an order capping the number of inmates that can be held in state prison. the state wants permission to house 6,000 additional inmates. officials warn if this is rejected dangerous felons will be released early. >> the san francisco men accused of setting a girlfriend on fire is in custody. san francisco police and marshals arrested the 22-year-old dexter oliver last night after getting a tip he was staying at a hotel in oakland. the victim, 25-year-old starr lamare, remains in critical condition. the two got in an argument in the bayview district and oliver ca
is part of a four-day humanitarian trip to the region organized by former new mexico governor, bill richardson. the group left beijing this morning. richardson says they plan to ask about korean-american kenneth bay detained by north korea in december. >> i have spoken to the son of the detainee. he want knows try to bring his father back. we think that will be difficult, but we're gonna try to see him and inquire about his condition, so that's another humanitarian side of the trip. >> the group is traveling as y private citizens, not representatives of the u.s. or google. >>> most of the tech game are about as far away from pyongyang as they can get, busy doing their things in las vegas. scott mcgrew, the consumer electronics show is under way. >> got under way last night with a keynote address, it runs through the end of the week. expect all kinds of new gadgets to be unveiled. ces is the second biggest conference in the united states. thousands of people from store buyers to journalists gathering to talk tech and see new products. hewlett packard, for instance, announced this m
for studies. google chairman air ieric schmi in north korea with bill richardson. part of their trip is to advocate for the release of a korean-american. >>> connect your phone to your vacuum? yeah, seems like it's from "the jetsons," but soon you may be able to take advantage of this technology. scott budman is on the floor of the consumer electronics show in las vegas with more. good evening, scott. >> reporter: good evening, janelle and raj. this is expected to be the biggest ces ever in terms of people and the number of gadgets on the floors. our appetite in these things continues to stay steady. we begin tonight with the company that has been building a base in the bay area lately. now it wants to be inside your home. ♪ with somewhere close to 150,000 people getting their first shot at literally thousands of new gadgets, we found one company specifically targeting the bay area, samsung, building and hiring in silicon valley as we speak, and as you know, giving apple's iphone a run for its mobile money. but samsung has a much larger plan than just phones. it wants to be all ove
is reported to be planning to go on a private humanitarian mission with former new mexico governor bill richardson this month. a group of north korean officials visited google in 2011. >>> the "wall street journal" reports that google is having trouble coming to agreement over licensing content. according to the paper, that could delay the launch of its tv service to later this year. end year. intel is developing a set-top box for tv service. >>> a judge refused to over turn the ban of shark fins. the state's ban took effect a year ago. california shark fin supermarket was once the largest outside of asia. >>> 4:48. get ready for a close-up. san francisco's muni is expanding its surveillance technology. cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman on what that means for passengers. >>> reporter: muni isn't usually the stuff of hollywood. until it is. all 800 or so muni buses and several hundred trains are waiting to be changed so you can have your close-up. or to help police figure who might have been at fault in this 2009 crash. or maybe to finger a pickpocket. cameras and microphones have been in pla
governor bill richardson and seven others. they spoke with students at a university computer lab. schmidt has emphasized that he's traveling as a private citizen and not representing google. some analysts say the visit was motivated by business. north korea wants to promote its i.t. industry, and google is believed to be considering doing business there. a group met with north korean officials. richardson suggested that they discussed the release of an american citizen detained in the country since last year. >> it's a good, productive, but frank meeting. >> the group is scheduled to travel to beijing on thursday. they'll discuss their visit to north korea after they arrive. >>> north korea 345rkd imarked g leader's birthday on tuesday but no official ceremonies or events have been reported. kim jong un was born on january 8th. his exact age is not known, but he's thought to be around 30. the date is not designated a national holiday, unlike the birthdays of his late father, kim jong il and his grandfather kim il sung, the country's founder. the state-run media made a special online editi
with former new mexico governor bill richardson. they say the trip is a private humanitarian mission, but it is raising the ire of the u.s. state department, which labels it "unhelpful." richardson has traveled to north korea several times and is reportedly working to free an imprisoned american citizen, but schmidt's role in the delegation and on the trip has not been made clear. one tech analyst questioned the role of the internet in north korea as a possible reason for the trip. "north korea is one of the most constrained countries when it comes to internet connectivity in the world, and clearly a country that could use some opening up, but certainly has resisted any movement on those lines so far." that was tech analyst rob enderle, who says schmidt has habored political ambitions for quite some time. lawmakers are kicking around new ways to tax motorists. as americans drive less and buy a record number of fuel-efficient vehicles, it's leaving states with fewer dollars from gas taxes to repair roads, bridges and highways. in washington state, lawmakers are talking about a road-us
korea and the as part of a delegation by former new mexico gov. bill richardson. now he says this man is going as a private citizen as an engine is said and north korea's economic issues and its use of social media. richardson says the delegation also plans to acquire about a korean american u.s. citizen detained there. the hope is to let the groundwork for that detainee to return home. the stay debarment is not very happy about this visit which comes a month after north korea launched ballistic missile in violation of the u. n band. >> lindsey lohan is expected in court today. she will learn whether a prosecutor will pursue as a meter assault charges against her. she is accused of punching a woman in a manhattan nightclub in november. a lawyer says the actress is once again of victim of someone looking for 15 minutes of fame. after today's court appearance lindsey lohan will face probation violation hearing next week. is that searing stems from a november car crashes and monica and the actress has been in and out of court 19 times since 2007. >> erica has your monday morning forecast
people could be affected because they work for that pallet company. >>> bill charged erichard son -- bill richardson said they are pressing north korea about missile launches and they are asking them to allow people to have more use for internet and cell phones. they are looking also to commit on nuclear testing and they are asking for fair and human treatment for an american citizen detained in north korea. schmidt is traveling with richardson on what they say is a private humanitarian trip. >>> they are meeting about gun control legislation. as kyla campbell reports, president barack obama wants to move quickly with any recommendations. kyla? >> reporter: dave, the vice- president has given them a few weeks to come up with regulation on gun control. -- legislation on gun control. vice-president joseph biden is meeting with gun control leaders and tomorrow he will be sitting down with the n ra and other groups. they want to place more focus on mental health and violent video games. -- violent video games. they are sending members as vice-president joseph biden continues with the series o
. >>> bill richardson said his congregation is pressing north korea about missile launches and also allowing people in north korea to have more access to the internet and cell phones. also they want them to learn more about nuclear tests and he is asking for fair and human treatment of an american citizen detained there. richardson is traffic willing -- traveling with him and they are asking for a humanitarian trip. >>> the man accused of week key leak -- wick can i likes -- wikileaks is cutting his sentence. the judge said authorities went too far to confining him to a windowless cell 23 hours a day for 22 months. it carries a maximum sentence of life in prison for his charges. >>> gun safety organizations are meeting at the white house. it is the beginning of a series of meetings vice-president joseph biden will hold to get suggestions on curbing gun violence. >> reporter: last month's shooting in newtown connecticut spurred a lot of meeting and this week vice-president joseph biden is holding a series of meetings not only with gun safety advocates but also the rifle association and other
gathering information according to bill richardson and they have criticized the trip saying it is unhelpful to the u.s. right now. >>> interviews with a dozen female soldiers and marines have very little interest in signing up for combat actuality. they had no interest on being on the frontline and should be opened to female troops and some are upset when it comes to higher ranges in the military. >>> president barack obama wants to higher a former senator for his secretary of defense. some of the members of the republican party do not like this. here is more. >> reporter: dave, chuck hagel served before serving in congress and the white house says hagel is qualified to wind down the war and make budget decisions which include cuts and support for returning veterans. he served in an 96 and 2009 and was outspeak spoken for the latest. he went against many when he criticized the iraq war. many have voiced concerns about his stance on the iraq war and israel. >> israel must negotiate with hamas a terrorist group against israel... >> reporter: even with some on six from both parties, hagel coul
missing. it is being led by bill richardson who says it has nothing to do with google and they are likely to lead with education problems. >>> and new losses overnight, there was some profit after sections of the new year. right now european markets are mostly over in early training. i am looking at our futures and it does look bike like a little bit of a gain and they are up since friday and there are concerns about 4th quarter earnings that will be coming in shortly. >> all right, pam. >>> there is both concern and excitement about a big chunk of rock that will zoom real close to earth next month. >>> and they are studying the cities high breast cancer rate. . >>> welcome back. thousands are joining studies to find out why breast cancer rates here in the bay area are so high. they are focused on early exposure to chemicals. one study tracks women who were pregnant in 1959 and 1967. another focuses on contra costa, marin and san francisco counties. they are also -- researchers are also looking at lifestyle and diets. >>> they are cracking down on thefts at vallejo schools. they were targ
is part of the delegation led by bill richardson. they stop in beijing on the way to pyongyang. >> the purpose of the visit is a private humanitarian mission. we are going to make an assessment of the north korean economic political situation. we are also going to look at the humanitarian status of the korean people, but also there is an american detain there, a korean american, and we are going to try to inquire on the status, steve we can see him and possibly lay the groundwork for him coming home. >> police in kuwait have used tear gas to break up an anti- government protest. this appears to show security forces against the crowd of 300 people. protests against the new parliament and slow political reforms has increased over the past year. egypt's recently ordained pope says he wants to see an end to the deep political conflict -- commission. he told al jazeera the church should stay out of state affairs. hmm >> thank you for talking to us. let me begin by asking what is your message this first christmas after being ordained >> happy new year end merry christmas. >> the most
. google chairman eric schmidt and former new mexico governor bill richardson arriving in north korea. his visit drawing criticism from the state department because it comes only weeks after a controversial north korean rocket launch. the delegation defends its trip to the communist nation. >> this is a private humanitarian visit. we're here as individual american citizens, looking at the humanitarian situation. we're gonna ask about the american detainee who's here. we're interested in the economic and political situation. >> schmidt is the highest-profile u.s. executive to visit north korea, a country with notoriously restrictive online policies since young leader kim jong-un took power a year ago. for "teen kids news," i'm lauren green, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> wisdom is handed down from generation to generation. but sometimes, so is misinformation. eden has the facts about some of the advice we all grew up with. >> how many times have you heard this -- "don't go outside with your hair wet. you'll catch a cold." do you think that's true? >> yeah, i do think it's the truth
and a highly publicized trip a former american diplomat bill richardson. mr. smith encourage officials he met and north korea to make the internet available to citizens and and its attempts to restrict information. a company spokesperson said there was no connection between the visit and the new map. >> present rock obama is taking the case for emigres reform to the public to a las vegas. he is trying to get support for its proposals for giving millions of illegal immigrants a pathway to the citizenship as well as making improvements to the legal immigration system and were security. this is the hot topic where it seems like everyone has an opinion. here are it some comments from the kron4 facebook page liam says everyone should have the right to start a new life or future in this country. . but when you see an illegal immigrant work on the table in the government can't tell at collect taxes, that's where the line is drawn. patti says and if you're going to punish the boys for hiring illegals and you should also but as those will outsource jobs overseas. maria gillis says i came here on a fia
use in secretive north korea. he's visiting the north with former governor bill richardson. they're also pressing the government to allow more cell phone use and internet service for its citizens. they're pushing north korea to suspend their missile and nuclear work. >>> for the second time in two days there's been trouble onboard a high-tech 787 dreamliner. about 40 gallons of fuel spilled. the plane was inspected and effectually departed. on monday a fire broke out and a battery on another jal dreamliner parked at gate in boston. >>> a lucky landing in australia as a 21-year-old student pilot proves he's got the right stuff. he was taking a solo flight monday when his instructor noticed he had only two landing wheeling instead of three. check this out. the pilot landing, it skidded off the runway and came to a full stop. he was not hurt. my luck would not be that good, ever. his instructor called it a textbook crash landing. >>> and the crash of a semitrailer hauled 32 bulls turned an interstate into a dangerous rodeo. a deputy jumped out of the way fa
your partners are covering. good morning, anthony. >> good morning, andre and mike. >>> bill richardson has plans to visit north korea despite serious concerns. we will take you to the town at the center of a new reality show to hear what residents say is the real truth about buck wild . what are we coming to, anthony? >> all right, we will be watching anthony, you have a great day and a great weekend. >> okay, you can't make this stuff up. >> this is unfortunately something that is real. 245 child predators arrested. 153 victims are recognized in an ice sting. this is all part of an investigation on child pornography and it is called operation sunflower and there are are still child predators out there. we want to warn you, this may make your stomach turn but here is more on how you can make a difference because this is awful. >> it has been going on for a long time and police say it is only getting worse because now, the internet has really opened this globally and they are saying half the case have international ties so they have international police tipping them off to a lot of thes
korea with former new mexico governor bill richardson. the private trip was not sanctioned by the u.s. government. >>> lawrence is off. liz is in. we have snow coming. >> a little bit. we could see a little bit of a dusted as you said over mount tam, possibly the santa cruz mountains. it's over the san lucia mountains down south in monterey county where we could get hit with possibly up to 4" there. they have a winter wind advisory in effect. for us most of the bay area seeing rain. we have hi-def doppler working. rain hugging the coast. look like we have a little rain moving over sunnyvale, sar towing go, and again these are just hit-or-miss showers, saratoga. the majority of the area is dry. in the clear through millbrae, south san francisco. and these showers will slowly begin to taper off throughout the day. behind that front, we have cold temperatures. yesterday may have been the coolest day that we'll see for the next seven days -- the warmest day that we could see for the next seven days. look right now. it is cold and going to get co
led by former new mexico gov. bill richardson. >> now he says that schmidt is going as a private citizen and is interested in north korea's economic issues and its use of social media. >> ridges and says the delegation also plans to acquire about a korean- american u.s. citizen detained there. the hope is to lay the groundwork for the detainee to return home. >> the hbo is renewing a deal with universal pictures to be the exclusive pay-tv provider for the studio's movies for another decade. >> the deal includes movies produced by universal and special film unit, focus features. hbo in universal pictures had an agreement in place since 2003. >> we will be back in a moment with more news in headlines. >> we're back is 4:14. we are waking up to cold temperatures and a lot of fog. let us cut the latest on the forecast erica. >> good morning james. from our mount tam cam you could see it shaking around it is windy in the higher elevations. we have cold temperatures and dense fog to contend with. currently 34 we are above freezing in santa rosa. 45 for downtown san francisco. upper '30
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